Why Rodel?

• Accurate.  • Easy to use.  • Validated by U.S. data.  • Economic and safety analysis.


Did you know?

• Rodel features seamless integration of the HCM 2010 and HCM6 models and the Geometric Lane Based model (Kimber's).

• Rodel is well suited for all types of roundabouts, from single lane to complex high flows and multiple lanes.

• Online training support is available, including simple-to-follow case studies to accelerate learning.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I learned a lot about how to analyze a roundabout that I am currently working on. This gave me new ideas on how to resolve our project’s roundabout congestion.” B. Crawford, PE
Colorado DOT


RODEL is a powerful, accurate, and efficient tool designed to allow the practitioner to understand operational effects of different geometries and their impact on performance.

The program provides accurate capacity and delay analysis data to assist a designer in finding a comprehensive solution for a given problem.

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